The Ministry of Healing

The Ministry of Healing

It is my privilege to share my personal experience of God’s awesomeness in the realm of divine healing. Join me as we journey to what I consider the prime time in my life. At this time, I was thirty-seven, married, working two jobs (military and part-time) and attempting to stay in shape.

I never suspected a phenomenal change would invade my life. In hindsight, I remember the first hints of energy depletion – a loss of endurance and a lack of stamina. Every evening, it was my routine to run a timed mile. I noticed that over time each evening’s mile run time was longer and longer.

Other tell tale signs were: spells of irritability, intermittent throat chill and soreness, fever (basically flu-type symptoms) and a sense of constant fatigue and tiredness. I also noticed red-splotched bruises over much of my body. Of course my wonderful wife encouraged me to go to the hospital. However, I ignored her words of wisdom even when blood clotting occurred from shaving cuts. Truth be told, I was afraid of hospitals.

My attitude abruptly changed one morning when, blood instead of urine, poured out of my body. I jumped back three feet and screamed, “I gotta go to sick call now!” About five hours later I was onboard a C-9 (emergency hospital aircraft) in route to Wilford Hall Medical Center, in San Antonio, Texas.

The flight was uncomfortable. I was strapped down in a litter-basket and told I couldn’t use the restroom. Shortly after being admitted to the hospital, I was advised by doctors that I would be discharged from the United States Air Force. I had Acute Leukemia.

Acute Leukemia can be hazardous to your health they told me. Then I was told, “I’m sure this is difficult for you to accept, do you have any questions? How do you respond to that?

I began chemotherapy treatment the very next morning. For five years I received treatment. During the five years, I witnessed many fellow chemotherapy patients who did not survive. As a matter of fact, I was in more critical condition than many of them.

At one critical stage of my treatment, several doctors believed I had less than two weeks to live. My health and vitals were closely monitored every fifteen minutes. It was during this time that I sincerely petitioned the Lord for healing. I believed that He would not allow me to leave the hospital in a coffin. At that time in my life, I was not as well versed in the Word as I am today. I simply believed God for healing.

I asked almighty God to extend my life and expected it to happen. All odds were against me. Although all five senses were screaming death, I still believed God. God taught me to visualize, focus, and speak the things I desired to manifest in the future.

Even when the pain was unbearable and my temperature was between 103-105 degrees, I still believed God for healing.

My temperature and pneumonia lasted for a month. God was faithful and delivered me through it all. Doris, my wife, was intimately involved during this entire experience. Having a dedicated support system during life’s critical season is of the utmost importance. I believe it can be the difference between life and death. I personally witnessed the absence of sustained love and support for other patients from their spouses. In almost every case, those particular patients lost the will to live.

Doris gave me the courage and will to fight. My darling wife was there for me, encouraged me, loved me, and gave me l00 % support. Seeing Doris and my children everyday brought me strength and encouragement. Doris relocated our family, including four children, from Arizona to Texas. Moreover, Doris prepared my children to accept the obviously physical change in my appearance. My oldest son was twelve at the time and would walk six miles to the hospital every day to be with me. Because of Doris, my children never rejected me.

My bout with Leukemia occurred in 1971. Thank God he healed me and walked with me through the entire experience.

Author: Elder Shedrick Washington

Leave your commentsHas God ever delivered you out a terminal health illness?  Do you need guidance on how to make it through a current trial of illness? How have you responded when God choose not to heal those you were praying for? We’d love to hear from you.


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