Shedrick Washington

I experienced life as a youngster in Wenatchee Washington on my grandfathers farm, later as a teenager I was exposed to city life with my parents in Seattle Washington.  I felt the presence of God early in life and accepted the Lord as my personal savior at the age of eleven year.  I attended Garfield High School in Seattle and participated in track, gymnastics and captain of the yell/cheer team.  Graduated high school in June 1952, then realized employment on a real-life ranch until September 1952 and subsequently enlisted in the USAF.  My first duty assignment was at Webb AFB Texas where I met and married the bride of my youth, and she remains so fifty-seven years and four children later.

During active duty at Luke AFB Arizona, as a Computer Systems Repair Technician in 1971, I was stricken with Acute Leukemia, a reassigned to Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas.  I was administered various experimental medications, contacted a staff infection, pneumonia,and suffered a temperatures of 103-105 for thirty days.  I eventually received news that my future life span would be two-weeks.

“But God”, The rest is history, I was in an environment of witnessing death, yet I petitioned the Lord for healing, and future health, He was faithful to my prayers, and Almighty G-d is no respecter of persons, What He’s done for me, He can do for others.

My wife and I, became members of NLCC in 1995′, I am privileged and honored to serve G0d and His children under the great leadership of Pastor’s LaSalle R. and Portia B Vaughn in the capacity of Elder, and director of The Healing School and Intercessory Prayer Team.