LaSalle Vaughn III

LaSalle is one of the five original members of New Life Christian Ministry (NLCM), Inc. In the past 25 years, he has served in many different positions across NLCM from Visitors Contact, Military Outreach, Strategy & Planning, Youth Pastor (Finance), Ministry Marketing, and Toy-giveaway Operations. He delivered his first teaching on the Book of Revelation about the 4 horseman when he was 8 years old! Care Pastor LaSalle’s career includes serving 10 years in the US Navy as a surface warfare officer and 15 years in the financial industry. He is currently a compliance executive with a fortune 100 financial services company. Care Pastor LaSalle is happily married to Nikole who teaches the Sunday School group, Youthful Women of Power, Purpose and Prosperity.  Together,  Care Pastor and Sister Nikole have two children, Sydney Nikole and LaSalle 4th.