New Life Being BuiltThe Story of New Life

Its origins were humble. In fact, the first meeting of New Life Christian Center was held in 1987 in the Vaughn’s home in San Antonio, TX. A caring atmosphere, quality leadership, and community outreach attracted people from all ages, religious backgrounds, races, and walks of life.

The Legacy Began

Many years ago Pastor Vaughn was in Egypt on a military mission and God revealed Himself in a vision. The vision showed Pastor Vaughn that he was to come to San Antonio, TX.

PaPastor_Militarystor Vaughn then set his sight on Texas and brought his family from Germany to San Antonio. New Life was founded in 1987 and first began as a bible study in the Vaughn’s home. After a season, the church family began to hold services at the Kelly Air Force Base Chapel. The ministry quickly began to flourish and a storefront building was purchased. The storefront property was located at 7428-D SW Military Dr. On February 23, 1992, our current New Life campus opened. In 12 years the new life community had built a 2.5 million dollar sanctuary and academy building.

Bible_Home_MeetingsThe ministry has miraculously prospered in what was once considered a depressed part of southwest San Antonio. Its multimillion dollar facilities are visible to over 60,000 motorists a day on US Interstate 90 West. New Life is one of the largest multicultural churches in South Texas. A multifaceted approach to local community outreach has increased the church’s influence on the city. Education, prison outreach, marriage counseling, youth, substance abuse, social, economic, and political development programs have been the key to community revitalization.

New-Life-Christian-CenterNew Life is known worldwide for its multicultural congregation, and its community involvement on a local and international scale. You will sense a strong love for all people and for the nation of Israel. We are not Jewish, we are not Messianic, but we are Christians returning to the Hebraic roots of our faith. At New Life Christian Center, you will find a place to worship, a place to grow, a place to fellowship, and a place to serve.  If you are ever in San Antonio, Texas, stop by for one of our services.

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