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Our new member sessions was created to provide a quick and easy introduction to the church and its ministries.

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Often the term “member” can be misunderstood. So what does church membership mean, exactly? It is simple, really. At New Life, a member is someone who has committed to do four things:

1. Protect the unity of the church
2. Share the responsibility of the church
3. Serve the ministry of the church
4. Support the vision of the church

We conduct our sessions every Sunday morning @ 9:30am in our New Life Christian Academy building. Membership brings value and commitment to a local church community. Below is a list of four New Member sessions that are taught weekly. These sessions are a great tool, which enable you to learn and ask questions about our ministry.

  1. S.H.A.P.E. for Serving
  2. The Christian Experience
  3. The Conversion Experience
  4. The Importance of Giving

What are the service times?

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What is the teaching like?

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Do you have child care?

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Benefits of Membership?

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Can you give me directions?

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How do I connect with others?

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