Memorial Park

Our Memorial Park was dedicated on May 18, 2014. This park was created because we understand that the death of a loved one is an unforgettable experience in the lives of those left behind to grieve. We often struggle with how to keep the memory of them alive, but at the same time we want to ensure that they are never forgotten. Our park atmosphere is that of a peaceful serenity which also creates a place for you to meditate.

We have memorial packages that are available to families that would like to preserve the memory of their loved one. Your personal memorial will provide a consistent place to go to remember your loved ones, and to commemorate important occasions. We intend that time spent here will nourish and heal the hearts and minds of our visitors. Our landscape designers and architects have put truly distinctive touches within the ground plans; unique areas and features that will inspire you to return time and again.

Your personal memorial will slowly become a way of connecting to your family’s past which will also provide children with an anchor to their personal history. View our Memorial Park grand-opening on May 14, 2014.

If you are interested in obtaining a memorial monument for your loved one please call (210) 679-6050 or fill out our contact form below.

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