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Healing school is a public meeting of individuals that study the biblical scriptures on how to be healed. Learn how to handle physical and emotional challenges.

Prayer Over The Sick
“Is anyone among you sick?” James 5:14

The healing ministry at New Life.  During times of crisis your church family should be a source of support. At New Life, the love, concern and inherent desire our Pastors and church family have for our membership is clearly evident. Healing is a vital component of ministry and worship at New Life. We follow the pattern Jesus Christ demonstrated in His healing ministry (He taught in the Synagogues, preached the Word and healed all types of sickness).

Our Pastor, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, birthed our healing school. Healing school at New Life is every first Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. (following the first Sunday). Our curriculum is scriptural based.

Members and nonmembers are invited and encouraged to attend this one-hour session. Each person attending healing school is given a list of applicable scriptures and a lesson plan.

Immediately following the healing school, students are ushered into our family prayer in the main sanctuary starting at 7:00 p.m. During family prayer, Elders gather and pray for each student individually.

We have witnessed God miraculously heal people from many life threatening diseases and debilitating sicknesses.

Before you come to our healing services, we would advise you to first put your confidence in God and stand on His unfailing Word. Then search the scriptures and identify what the Word of God has to say about healing. Come to the realization that: salvation is the greatest miracle, and if Jesus would give His life for your eternal life, then surely His desire is for you to be healed. Let your first step be that of applying the Word of God as medicine to your body on a regular basis. Speak those things you desire on a regular basis and do not speak anything out of your mouth that you do not desire. Find a believer, another person that believes in divine healing and come into agreement with that person.