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How to Get the Victory Over Worry

Do you worry? Learn how to get the victory over worry! We all will encounter worry in our lives, but what we do with it is crucial. Worry is the enemy of your greatest gift, faith. In this teaching Pastor Vaughn shares his stories of worry and then shows us how to get the victory…

We Need Revival

What is going on in our society? We are at a tipping point in this country. You don’t know who to trust anymore. Policemen are being targeted while racism is angering our nation. Our nation needs revival. We need to restore what has been forgotten. We cannot rely upon a political party, candidate or government. We…

Live The Story You Want to Be Told

What is the story of your life? Are your daily habits and interactions producing the life you want remembered? We often go through life and don’t realize that all the small moments are creating a story that we will be remembered by. God equips us and people can say, “blessed is the memory of the…

How to Resolve Conflict

Do you need advice resolving an issue with someone? Many times there are discussions about how to deal or handle conflict, but in this teaching you will learn how to actually resolve the conflict. We sometimes avoid dealing with it and often run away from it. Sometimes conflict is necessary in order for change to…

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