Expect the Best

Living in expectation of God seems to be misunderstood in our day. Do you expect the best? What are you expecting from God? Is it right to expect things from God? Journey with Elder Gregory Jackson about the secret to being filled with expectation.

One of the greatest desires of any father is to see his children blessed.  Nothing disturbs a father more than having his children refuse his help and knowing that they will suffer and struggle unnecessarily.  As earthly fathers who fear God, we will do everything in our power to see that our children are properly loved, protected and cared for.  And as fathers, we would be quite upset if we found out that our children were in need and kept it from us.  Yet, many in the kingdom of God refuse the blessings and plan that our Heavenly Father has laid out for His children.  The scripture says that God desires that we prosper and be in good health (III John 1:2).

God wants us to be blessed, but we continue to try our own way to accomplish what He has already done for us.

We have been made heirs and joint heirs with Christ Jesus (Romans 8:17), but we constantly frustrate ourselves to achieve the things that Yeshua has already made available to us through His covenant.  We are covenant children and therefore heirs to the promises of Abraham.  God goes to great lengths to fulfill His covenant as is so vividly illustrated by King David, in II Sam chapter 9, when he seeks the heir of Jonathan to honor the covenant he made with Jonathan.  King David restored to Jonathan’s heir all that once belonged to his family.  We must remember as children of God that we are heirs of the covenant and the Father will fulfill his covenant with us.

The church is facing its finest hour. The Bible says the Lord will return for a glorious church and this is the season to expect the very best from God.  The world we live in is prone to teach us to expect the worst of everything so we can set ourselves up not to be disappointed, but it is time to dismiss the lies of the world and get to know our Heavenly Father for ourselves and know exactly how He desires to bless His children.  The church has been robbed of its inheritance by not knowing the plan of God for us.  The church has been guilty of envying the world for its possessions and resenting the blessings of God, but now is the time to return to the Lord and the plan he has for us, His Torah.  God told Pharaoh in Exodus chapter 8 that He was going to make a distinction between His children and the children of Egypt.  And God is now making a distinction between His church and the world.

The time is here for the world to recognize the church.  The time is over for the church to copy the things of the world.  It is time for the church to lead.  God is making a distinction between the men and women of God and those that are lawless.  God rewards the obedience of His children.  He is faithful to His Word and He will do what He says.  The church of the living God will walk in divine health and in prosperity!  God is not slack concerning His promises.  Be encouraged.  It is your time to be blessed!

God has not forgotten about you, it is time to trust Him.  You believed that He could and would bless you, now it is time to trust Him with all your heart and believe that He has blessed you.  Refuse to live in lack any longer.  Understand that your Heavenly Father will withhold no good thing to those who walk upright before Him.  Love Him, serve Him, honor Him and obey Him, because obedience brings the blessing.  Expect God’s very best for your life and settle for nothing less than His best.

Author: Elder Gregory Jackson

Leave your commentsWhat are you expecting from God? Share an experience when you expected great things from God and He answered. Has your expectation from God been challenged by life trials?  Do you want him to move on your behalf about a particular matter? We’d love to hear from you.


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