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Mexican Youth Day

As we commemorate Mexican Heritage month our youth will launch our opening night with song, dance, and music.

Mexican Day was instituted at New Life in 1994. San Antonio’s cultural richness is more than just a mixture of tradition and ethnic diversity; it is the convergence of the past and present coming together with its array of monuments, architecture, and historical districts. San Antonio offers a rare opportunity to experience its longstanding connection with Mexico. New Life Christian Center, residing in what once used to be a part of Mexico, looks forward to honoring the major role our city has in her prolific history. San Antonio’s and New Life’s diversity brings an experience not to be missed. Since the establishment of the Mexican Day service, the variety and quality of exhibits as well as entertainment have amazed and impressed service-goers of all ages.

Dr. LaSalle R. Vaughn and Portia Brooks Vaughn lead the way as they continue with this celebration in all of its great prestige and honor unto the Lord. This is an event that is deeply rooted in the heart of Pastor Vaughn. In the 1970s, he marched with activist, Cesar Chavez.  He continues to lead a vision which enables the celebration of a multi-cultural people to celebrate the Lord.

We look forward to your attendance, and encourage you to invite friends and family. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.