Our Journey

Elizabeth Alves

By Portia Brooks Vaughn

A special tribute to one of the generals in the Lord’s Army who led and taught many that which was close to her heart – Prayer!!

When I think of a prayer warrior, Mom Beth is the first name that enters my mind. Just to think it all started with a simple prayer to her Master, “Lord, teach me to pray.” Those of us who had the privilege to walk with her, kneel with her, pray with her, cry with her, believe with her, can say the Lord did exactly that! He taught her to pray; in turn, she used her training to empower the nations with prayer.

Our personal journey began in Heidelberg, Germany, in the 1980s at Aglow leadership meeting. My group, from the Eifel Area, was so excited we left at the crack of dawn to get there, and of course, we got lost – all fifteen of us. We arrived after the meeting had already started. I remember walking in. The Presence of the Lord was tangible, and seeing this lady behind the podium. Some of my group (I was the president of the chapter) saw food on the table and stopped and indulged. I took a seat in the back, I knew this shouldn’t have happened, but I stayed quiet, BIG MISTAKE!! As Beth Alves started to speak, her exact words were, “The Presence of the Lord was so thick in this room you could cut it with a knife, however, you ladies thought more of your bellies than the presence of God.” Selah. Well, attitudes began to happen; one walked out, several cried. I froze because I knew she was right. I had to own it. We sat through the meeting, powerful word – you guessed it, “Prayer.” Beth and her friend, Carrie Smith, started to pray and asked everyone to come. Most of my girls didn’t move. I led out and got in Beth’s line. She looked me straight in my eyes and said, “I don’t have a word for you, go to Carrie’s line.” I was hurt, offended, and deep in my heart said this must be racial. I quietly moved over to the other line. Carrie Smith read my mail! She told me exactly what was going on at our Air Force base and told me what to tell my husband, LaSalle. Every word she spoke came to pass. That was the beginning of our journey. Years later, when I saw Beth again, oh, the memories of that day flooded me! She said, “How are you, Miss Portia? I have a word for you,” and it began a journey of a lifetime that has blessed me in so many ways. Glad I didn’t quit. She asked for my phone number, and I gladly gave it to her. She said, “you’ll hear from me when the Lord gives me something to say.” I got many calls through the years, phone calls, and prophecies I treasure today. 

I received guidance and yes, saw the tender side of a warrior, and found myself like John, always laying back in her arms in all of my pictures.

I know this was a mandatory relationship. I was called to walk with this woman, and I’m so thankful I didn’t let my pride, arrogance, and offense stop a divine connection that would last a lifetime. She invited me to travel with her group to pray in several countries. In 1991 I was forever changed. She took me to the nations, and I saw the House of Prayer for the Nations in action!!

We were honored to have her minister at New Life several times, once with Vicki Jamison. They had a great stroll down memory lane of their years of ministry. It was a great conference. Later, I asked Beth to come after she had stopped traveling. She came to our Women’s Torah class and gave an impartation. She kissed me on my forehead and said, “I love you, Miss Portia, and I’m proud to call you my daughter! Thank you for the chase!! We traveled the world, and it led us back to Texas!!” I wasn’t privileged to be at her bed when she went to meet Jesus, but I can tell you the minute she left. My husband and I prayed all night. I felt an emptiness. The next morning came. Mom Beth – I got the call she was gone. I’ll never tell it all, but what I will say is, let us continue to say what she said. It’s much needed today, “Lord, teach us to pray.

Thank you, Mom. Shalom, my Mom, my prayer mentor, Beth Alves. Rest in Power.

Your Spiritual Daughter, 


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