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In the production of a play, people usually remember those characters on stage with the important lines. However, the audience rarely knows what goes on behind the scenes of ministry. In order for the show to go on there are many invisible characters, countless unseen parts, and, tons of unknown work. For instance the play writer must draft the script and assign the roles and responsibilities, the stage lights need to work, stage props need to go with the written material, cameras must be placed in the right area, the orchestra must know when to come in, and there are many other people that are working their parts to make the production a success. We can relate this in the same way to the ministry of the church.

New Life Christian Center is a successful ministry because we have dozens of people willing to serve behind the scenes helping to ensure that the show goes on.

Let us take a look at our play writers, our Pastors, who bring us the Word that always impacts our lives. Our Pastors do not come to the pulpit unprepared; they do not feed us a Word that is their own. They go before the Lord daily, study His word and spend time in prayer with Him.

They also take care of all the other matters that pertain to the Church. Because there are so many things that need to be done they have established many different ministries that help them make the church what it is. Many of these ministries are considered or known as behind the scenes ministries that help make our Pastor’s job a lot easier and presentable to the members, our guest, and most importantly to our Lord.

Although there are many ministries that make New Life a success, we will look at six behind the scenes ministries. In addition, we will provide you with information on how to join these vital, behind the scenes ministries. These ministries include the Deacons, Ushers, Projection, Audio, Visual, Video, and Hospitality teams.

The Deacons support the vision of New Life Christian Center by keeping the church services running smoothly so our pastors can minister the word freely without being concerned with small issues. Deacon Jerry Faye, one of the Deacon leaders, said that he sees the deacons as being a thread through the fabric of the entire ministry. Deacons oversee and execute building and grounds maintenance, parking lot security, communion preparation, building opening/locking, troubleshooting and fixing problems, and many other things people never see.

The Deacons also manage the parking lots during services or special events. The Deacons proactive presence in the parking lot has prevented countless auto thefts and vandalism. To be a part of this ministry, you must be appointed by, our pastor. Thank you, Deacons, for all you do and for your sacrifices in making New Life a safe, smooth running ministry.

The Ushers support the ministry by meeting and greeting the congregation. Ushers facilitate seating and order in the sanctuary during service. Our house doorkeepers work hard to make the congregation as comfortable as possible. There is nothing like receiving a welcoming smile and a warm hug when you walk in the sanctuary doors.

The Ushers are looking for people who would like to be a part of their ministry and all they ask is that you support the vision of NLCC and that you like people. Thank you, Ushers; for all that you do to make us feel right at home.

The Projection ministry provides current and upcoming event information through visual communication on the large screens in the sanctuary. This ministry enhances the congregation’s understanding with the words to songs, Bible study notes, and upcoming events. There is a great need for enthusiastic individuals who are available and desire to serve the Lord in this area. To join see Brother Leon Mallery or Sister Molly Lewis and let them know you’d like to be a part of the Projection ministry.

The New Life TV ministry supports the vision by videotaping our Pastor’s messages and delivering God’s Word to the masses via television broadcast. People’s lives are being changed through the Word of God preached through our Pastors. The TV ministry has openings for new members to join. If you are a member of the church and are 16yrs or older, you can serve in this ministry. Contact Brother Terrance (Terry) Young and let him know you are interested. Thank you, TV ministry, for serving the Lord and getting the message out there!

The Sound ministry is vital part of our church. They lay the technical foundation so we can hear live and pre-recorded praise and worship and the Word of God coming forth. Thank you, audio ministry, for serving the Lord. The audio ministry always has room for faithful and committed people who want to serve the Lord. To become a part of this ministry, please see Brother John Smith and let him know that you are interested in serving.

Our final ministry, but certainly not one of the least, is our hospitality team. The members of the hospitality team feel a mandate to serve the people of God. The scriptures tell us that we are a royal priesthood and the hospitality team enjoys treating one another as such. We serve members and guests at conferences and functions involving catered meals, hotel accommodations, airport pickups, and driving our guests to services. We believe that we are an extension of our Pastors to the body of believers by doing what ever needs to be done to make our guests feel right at home.

If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please see Minister Vicki Butler. Thank you, hospitality team, for serving the Lord with a spirit of excellence.

At New Life, the behind the scenes ministries are vital components that help fulfill the vision. Whether center stage or behind the scenes, when it all comes together, we believe God is well pleased with his servants. If you are interested in being in any of the ministries, please contact the head of the ministries or call New Life Christian Center at 210-679-6050. Leave your comments

Are you involved in a ministry at New Life or another church and want to share your experience? Do you have a question about what a ministry does to prepare the service? How can ministries be improved? We’d love to hear from you.


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