Thursday, 18 December 2014
Yom Chamishi, 26 Kislev 5775

Midnight Prayer

The Midnight Prayer also called “The Midnight Repair” started with David who was the very first person in the Bible who started getting up at midnight for prayer (Psalms 119:62). The word “Ichzot” is a noun from the Hebrew root word “Iczot” which means to “cut into two.” “Iczot Hallelal” means “the moment that splits the night into two.” God did almost everything important at midnight. The Midnight Prayer is a special service held in Jerusalem at night throughout the year for three things:

1. To express grief & concern for the destruction of the temple
2. To express grief & concern for the Jewish exile
3. A yearning to draw closer to God

In Jerusalem, nighttime starts 20 minutes after the sunset; night goes on for 6 hours, day goes for another 6 hours 20 minutes after the sunsets At midnight, which is the darkest time of the night; is also the “sweetest time to pray”. When midnight occurs comes the breaking of day!

The middle of the night is also referred to as “midnight” God has a “set time” to bless everyone. We all must learn how to “learn and understand” His timing—when God moves, we must flow with Him. When a true man & woman of God walk in that set blessing, nothing can stop it (i.e. circumstances, situations, people etc.) When you want something, it’s just as important as what you want; however, you want to be in God’s timing to receive it!

We must get to a place when we “raise our praise” & pray to God—we must mean business; make it intentional, deliberate and purposeful! When you are in the darkest time of your life, your praise and prayer must be fervent and urgent. You must pray like everything depends on God, but work like everything depends on you. God is ready to do for you what you cannot do for yourself. No matter what type of warfare you may experience, nothing can stop you from reaching your divine destiny in God!

It’s best to read and study the Torah at midnight and dawn; this is when God favors you and will give you deeper revelatory knowledge. Biblically, the number 18 is the number of “life”; you must P.U.S.H. by faith (Pray Until Something Happens). Don’t ask God to order your steps if your not willing to move your feet! Thank God for all the “Yes’s & No’s” He’s given us in our lives!


1. What does life mean to me right now?
2. What am I doing with my life right now?
3. Where am I headed with my life right now?

You must pray and ask God to give you wisdom to answer these questions with Godly wisdom!  Other Scriptural references: Exodus 11:4, 12: 29, Psalms 30:5, Judges 16:1, Gen 32: 22-26 Lamentations 2:18 and Acts 16:25


It is imperative a Christian does 3 things in preparation for the Midnight Prayer Service:

1. Deal with “known sin” in your life (e.g. holding grudges or you are in offense with someone in your heart etc.) (1 John 1:8)
2. Deal with any “unconfessed sin” in your life; some Christians know about continual sin in their life but knowingly make a choice to never confess it to God. (1 John 1:9)
3. Deal with getting rid of unbelief in your mind; as Christians, we must believe God in what we ask Him in the name of Jesus (James 1:6)

Be prayerful and pray during the week about what 3 prayers you will want to list/use

NOTE: Some Christians cry out & praise God with their mouths but God can’t hear them because they have known/unconfessed sin in their lives (Psalm 66:16). For a Christian man who is married, if something is wrong between him and his wife, his (not hers) prayers will be hindered, not hers. It is his responsibility to get the “challenge” right. The husband cannot blame his wife. The husband must put the Word on his life.

Be prayerful and pray during the week about what 3 prayers you will want list/use


Will be held 3 times out of the year (The specific dates/times will be announced by Pastor)

- At beginning of the year (Jan/Feb)
- At midpoint of the year (May/Jun)
- At end of the year (Nov/Dec)

- The service will always take place on a Friday night beginning at 1100p.m.
- Congregation must arrive before service starts; congregation will have 3 pieces of paper with the prayers’ written on them; pray over your first prayer, prior to sitting in the designated area, you will go to the Western Wall; the men will cover their heads and walk to the left side; women will cover their heads and walk to the right side
- There is the worship songs played
- The reading of the Word of God (by a designated person(s))
- Everyone will need to bring their Bible
- Communion will be taken
- The ‘Our Father prayer’ is sang Acapella by all in attendance
- Pastor will release the congregation to place the 2nd (the most prayer on “this side of the day”) in the Western Wall close to 1200
- After midnight, the morning blessing is given by Pastor (the special release which is around God’s time of His favor). Everyone will face the Western Wall and say the Sh'ma “(Deut 6:4-5)
- Pastor will give the “Aaronic Blessing”
- Pastor will release the congregation to leave, however the last prayer is to be placed in the Western Wall (on the other side of day) and all are immediately dismissed to go home!
- Everyone must dress appropriately; look refreshed for God loves it when you “Go out of the way for Him!”